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Tetra Society of North America

We are pleased to support the Tools for Tykes program. Tools for Tykes meet the unique needs of children and youth, helping them at home, at school, play and sports to grow up more active and independent, thereby enhancing their health, happiness, self confidence and quality of life.

Giant Steps

So happy to continue our relationship with Giant Steps and continue to fund and support the KRG Children’s Charitable Foundation Climbing Centre.

Christie Refugee Welcome Centre

What a wonderful organization providing housing, settlement services and continuing support for refugee families. We are pleased to support the bed in a bag initiative.

Toronto Foundation for Student Success

The TFSS Emergency Fund is set up to provide children and youth with immediate support in emergency situations. Providing students with the immediate essentials they need shows them that someone cares and allows them to focus on their studies with one less stress.

Kennedy House

So pleased to continue our relationship with Kennedy House and fund the after school programs. Kennedy House has a forty year history of providing therapeutic residential care to troubled youth.

Vermont Square Parent-Child

We are delighted to support and partner with the Vermont Square Parent-Child Mother Goose Program in the underserved Malvern neighbourhood in Scarborough.

Peel Children's Aid Foundation

Proud to support the Infant Wellness Fund and assist the nurses in ensuring the infants safety and well beings are met.

The Darling Home for Kids

We are delighted to fund and support the Secure Sleep System for non-ambulatory children and all the efforts of the Darling Home for Kids.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Muskoka

So pleased to continue our relationship with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Muskoka and fund the much needed mentorship program.

The Learning Disabilities Association of Peterborough

We are pleased to continue our great relationship with The Learning Disabilities Association of Peterborough who focus their expertise in various learning needs for youths.

The Canadian Society for the Weismann Institute

Proud to be a part of The International Summer Science Institute which gives the opportunity for young graduates to develop and explore with industry experts in science and technology.

Trails Youth Initiatives Inc.

We are delighted to continue our relationship with the Trails Youth Sponsorship Programme who work with vulnerable youth from the inner-city of Toronto.

Downtown Care-Ring – St. Jamestown Youth Centre Program

We are happy to fund the Downtown Care-Ring Youth Centre and their much needed after school programs.


VOICE for Hearing Impaired Children

We are thrilled to continue our relationship with VOICE and fund their much needed Auditory-Verbal Therapy Program.

Save a Child's Heart Foundation

We continue our relationship with Save a Child’s Heart and our proud to fund the much needed training program for the first pediatric cardiac surgeon in Ethiopia, Dr. Mekonnen.

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