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Our Mission

KRG Children's Charitable Foundation's mission is to raise much-needed funds and awareness for children's charities. Our commitment is strong and our dedication is unwavering each and every day of the year. We have been helping thousands of children lead happier, healthier and more productive lives for 30 years. We have enjoyed every opportunity we have had, doing our best to create a better world for all children. In addition to helping kids, we take great pride in our commitment to assist those who work with children on a daily basis. We know that we will be able to share many more success stories with your continued and ongoing support.

Our Team

KRG Children’s Charitable Foundation’s success in fundraising is a team effort. The commitment and dedication put forth by our team of volunteers is what truly drives this foundation. Steven Wise, along with Susan Zikman Wise and Patti Goldberg, has led the effort for over 26 years, where it has raised over $13,000,000 for registered children’s charities. These include (but are not limited to) Sick Kids, Camp Oochigeas, Autism Speaks, MS Society Canada and Southlake Regional Health Centre.

Meet Our Inspiration


Steven H. Wise, Chairman - KRG Children's Charitable Foundation, businessman, entrepreneur and philanthropist.


              "To make the world a better place for children."

That is the mantra and mission of Steven Wise, Chairman of KRG Insurance Group and founder of KRG Children's Charitable Foundation. Steven Wise has been dedicated to raising awareness and much-needed funding for children facing extreme challenges. Whether it be a physical, mental, emotional or educational need, the Foundation is committed to enriching the lives of children.


Steven Wise continues to encourage other corporations, business associates, friends and family to contribute a percentage of everything they earn towards philanthropy.


Steven H. Wise, Chairman - KRG Children's Charitable Foundation businessman, entrepreneur and philanthropist.




Help us Help the Future of Tomorrow; Our Children of Today! Donate Today to Help us Make Better Lives for Children Everywhere!

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